Raaz Reboot Movie Review – Hit ya Flop

There is hardly any remarkable change to be noted in the fourth of the Raaz series. It is devoid of the thrills and chills and instead some scenes are irrevocable funny. Like the scene where Kriti Kharbanda, stretches out naked on the dining table and states in a husky tone with a dab of fake intensity, that she is feeling hot, “so ******* hot” (just to remind you, it is supposedly in minus ten degrees) it will surely make you giggle. Not always is the show of flesh in demand with the script, if not it is a wise call, then the outcome can be hilarious indeed.


The plot revolves around Rahaan (Gaurav Arora) and his pretty wife Shaina (Kriti Kharbanda), and a shadowy blast from her past Aditya (Emraan Hashmi). We find them spending the majority of their time realizing about the uncanniness by stating, ‘kuch toh Raaz hai’, ‘kahin toh raaz chhupa hai’, ‘kya Raaz hai’ over and anon. The setting is Romania,specifically Transylvania, the Dracula country.


There is a bleeding laptop, a whispering drain which needs to be treated  as the new terror tools. We are also presented with scenes that look to be ‘inspired’ from “The Exorcist”, or “Paranormal Activity”, and many of the Bhatts’ previous plots with creatures who make animal noises and also scale walls. We find a soothsayer who goes into hysterics, a priest with a nasty secret and also a “psychometrist”(whatever that might be) who declares that there is an evil spirit around all trying to wade off the devil. What ultimately defeats the evil is an ancient ‘mantra’ and the power of a good wife, thus it is the power of the mangal sutra that reigns.s went some major twists and turns in the plots.


Raaz Reboot could have lived up to the expectations of the fan only if it underwent some major story changes on behalf of the script. Though it claimed to be of the same success hegemony with Emran Hashmi taking the lead, however, there was no major contribution on his part too in saving the film from its uncalled failure. With a strong social film like PINK releasing on the same day, Raaz Reboot indeed needed to be stronger and more impactful to leave a powerful mark on the box office.


We fail to list any remarkable song from the film that may ring the bell. Neither does the film even in its essence of horror.


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