Mohenjo Daro Review and Ratings – Hit or Flop

Mohenjo Daro Hit or Flop

Hrithik Roshan and Ashutosh Gowarikar together gave a huge period Drama hit, JODHA AKBAR and when they came back together for Mohenjo Daro, expectations were huge with them. Mohenjo daro has not much of information in our history books except that it was back in Indus Valley Civilisation. To showcase, the historic era is much more difficult with meagre information. The story of Mohenjo daro is nothing new and is all about winning good over evil.

Mohenjo daro marks the debut of actress Pooja Hegde who is playing the character of Chaani, a princess. His father played by Kabir Bedi is the ruler and they are seen wearing some headgear having feathers and horns. Wonder if Indus Valley Civilisation might have access to such things and it is pretty imaginary stuff. Sarman is a farmer from neighbouring town played by Hrithik Roshan and he is destined to be in Mohenjo daro and save the civilisation from the evil rulers. While doing so he is seen performing various stunts and the fight with the wild crocodile is very believable with no stunt like this is shown in Bollywood in recent times. He also gets to uncover some secrets; past of Chaani and how he saves the village forms the crux of the story.

Mohenjo Daro Movie Ratings

Mohenjo Daro Movie Ratings

Hrithik Roshan gives a charming performance but somehow the script and narration have led down the movie drastically. As the story is nothing new, Ashutosh Gowarikar tried enough to show the visualisations of Mohenjo Daro Civilisations but the audiences seem less impressed. A. R. Rahman who has been giving music to Ashutosh’ film in Lagaan, Jodha Akbar seems very uninspired with the theme and gives a very average music and background score. Certain songs are really a disconnect in the movie and are just added to have an extra bounce but it does not do so. The film seems to be a mixture of many Hollywood epics, Bollywood flicks and altogether fails to lift up the movie. Hrithik Roshan has done and impressive job and the newbie Pooja has tried to give a decent performance. Kabir Bedi, Nitish Bhardwaj, Naredra Jha and other supporting cast seems to do justice to the role.

Overall, Hrithik fans and going by the previous blockbusters of Ashutosh, audiences might watch the film but go at your own risk. It might be likeable to some who are history lovers but not so likable to major masses.